View from top of hill to a huge valley with a town in the middle. Large tree in foreground

Brash clearance at Stinchcombe

Met up with the Gloucestershire Vale Conservation Volunteers on Stinchcombe hill for a day of clearing tree scrub to make way for grassland.

In the morning, the main task was to remove ash saplings from the edge of the woodland which were encroaching onto grassland areas. I met Jo on this task and we discussed the possibility of setting up a “Dursley Green Drinks” to bring together like-minded people in the area.

After having lunch with a glorious view, we made our way to an area which has been a grassland in the past, but has been since overgrown by scrub bushes.

There were quite a few of us and we quickly got a decent sized area clear.

Clearing with short grass and dense scrub at the edges
Exposing the grassland after clearing

Will be interesting to visit this area in the summer and see the difference this clearance makes for wildflowers and grasses.

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