Country lane with a wall to the left and a large oak behind the wall

Battered Balsam

Travelled up to the North Cotswolds today for a task with the Gloucestershire Vale Conservation Volunteers. More himalayan balsam pulling, this time in the beautiful wooded John Moore Nature Reserve in Kemerton.

It’s only a small site, with just a small stream flowing through. But there was quite a bit of balsam in the middle of the wooded area.

The previous night there had been a very severe hailstorm and all the vegetation was flat on the floor. Quite an unusual site, and make the pulling a bit trickier.

Small stream with dense vegetation on both sides of the bank
Cleared area of balsam and nettles

There were around 8 of us, so we made short work of the main task during the morning. There was also a few nettle patches which the ranger wanted clearing so a smaller team stayed on to do that.

There was an Edward VII post box near the parking area – something which you don’t come across all that often.

Red postbox mounted into a stone wall
Edward VII post box

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