Nettle stalks stripped of leaves in a bundle on a table. Pile of nettle leaves behind it

Rope from nettles

The nettles around the outdoor kitchen at Wild Acres have become quite overgrown and needed removing to prevent vermin from nesting. Spent the morning pulling them up by hand.

By saving the stalks, they can be used to create rope from the fibres. So as the nettles were pulled, the leaves were stripped and a bundle of stalks made for a future workshop activity.

I was on morning coffee and tea duty so took a break from nettle pulling to prepare that.

Cherie and Martin cooked the most delicious curry, cabbage and rice. There was a big crowd today, including some visiting for the first time.

Sweet potato curry and spicy cabbage in pans in the foreground. Lunch on plates in the background
Eating together in the outdoor kitchen

In the afternoon, we had the last Code Club of the summer term at the library. It was good to see five of the children progress with their projects. I agreed the summer programme with the library staff. We will hold the normal code club on a Tuesday throughout the holidays, but then hold an additional web page coding set of sessions on a Thursday aimed at 11-13 year olds.

In the evening I got together with the Stroud Wildlife Survey Group admin team for the monthly management of business. There’s quite a few tidy up tasks to carry out, so I’ll put them on the to-do pile over the next few days.

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