A truck in the woods with the back open and equipment on the ground

Budge Hill and lunch

This is the fourth year I’ve returned to Budge Hill with Glorious Grasslands to manage some tricky grassland habitat. It’s a plot that can’t be grazed, overgrown with dominant grasses and surrounded by encroaching scrub.

However, the parts we have done in previous years are responding well so we decided to cut the east field today. There were three brush cutters so we managed to mark out a large area which we could carefully cut quite low.

The grass was very long so it needed some care to cut and scoop into piles to make it easier to collect.

Cut and raked meadow with people carrying equipment
Carrying back the tools after a day’s work

By the time we had finished and raked off the clippings, we were all pretty pleased with the result. There was a lot of bare earth showing. We had 5kg of yellow rattle so it was a good opportunity to spread that and give the meadow a head start. There is certainly plenty of grass for them to feast on.

We finished a bit earlier and headed over to The Old Prison for a team christmas lunch. I had the soup and veggie sausage roll which were both amazingly delicious. This venue is really good value and it was great to catch up with everyone for one last time before the holiday break.

Bowl of soup and sausage roll
Delicious Christmas lunch

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