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Inspecting Trees

In March we plan to commence the first re-survey of the trees along the canal for the Gloucestershire Wildlife Trust. We did the baseline back in 2021-22, and so now is a good time to visit again and see what’s updated.

We had a refresher LANTRA inspection course at the Fromebridge Mill to brush up on skills, and also to train some new members of the survey team.

It was an interesting course by a passionate and knowledgable tutor. We learned quite a few different approaches than we had on the previous course.

A man in a meeting room delivering a course in front of a projector
Practical methods for inspecting trees

One interesting part was a practical session along part of the canal five minutes drive up the road. Simon had spotted quite a few trees there with conditions of concern, so it was a good way to cement the training with practical examples.

I demoed the data collection app that I’ve been building to assist with the re-survey. We’ll have a proper kick off session during March and then organise sessions over the summer period. I estimate it will take six months to complete.

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