About Me

Hello! Welcome to my diary.

My name is Chris and currently live in the Cotswolds. I stopped work back in 2019, aged 51, and restructured my lifestyle since then around 5 or 6 nature recovery projects across my local area.

My main passions are conservation, computer science and lifestyle investing. I also enjoy walking and networking across the local community. My calendar is usually pretty full each week, and I started this diary so I could keep track of the various things I do.

I also like recording moments on camera, so decided to create my own photo feed to go alongside the written record. I also have another blog where I write about money, digital living and random thoughts.

Although started in 2023, I want this diary to stretch back over my whole life. So I have a series of annual recollections, written on 31 December as best as I can recall now. It starts in 1968 going forward and 2023 going backward. The middle chapters are still to be written.


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