close up of wildflowers growing on a village green

Life on the village green

Usually the village green is kept trimmed to within half an inch of it’s life. But there must have been a “No Mow May” policy change by the council because it’s not been done for a while.

And so it’s teeming with life and looking magnificent. I spotted spear thistle, speedwell, forget-me-not, mouse-ear chickweed,ribwort plantain, creeping buttercup, white clover, common daisy,bulbous buttercup and hoary plantain – all in about ten minutes.

There is also a horse chestnut. Like every other in the UK, it’s blighted by the leaf-mining moth.

They lay their larvae on the leaves which then turn brown and blotch, looking like autumn has come early in July.

A horse chestnut in full flower on the village green
Horse Chestnut

The moth itself doesn’t kill the tree, but clearly losing your ability to create food for the full season slowly weakens you. And combined with the droughts we’ve been having, the younger trees don’t survive. Which means no conkers any more in 50-100 years.

In the afternoon was Code Club at the libary. A new boy came along today and the others made good progress on their projects. Already started to plan what could be run over the school holidays. The library staff have a big programme of activity to manage so there may not be room for extra code clubs.

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