Old town shops with exposed beams on the front. clock on the building on the left

Dinner with conservationists

I wandered down to the Chantry Centre in the morning for tea and cake with Richard. We caught up and reflected on the various community meetings that had taken place that week. There are some useful germs of future ideas to chew over.

In the evening, I met up with the Gloucestershire Vale Conservation Volunteers for a meal in Gloucester.

We had booked in the Bangkok Canteen who came up trumps with delicious food. It’s been quite a while since I’ve had Thai food, and it was nice to be reminded of the distinct flavour.

Yellow Curry with aspagargus and bowl of rice on the side. Glasses of water in the background
Chickpea curry with egg fried rice

We retired to a pub afterwards for a chat until about 9pm. It’s nice to catch up about different topics than you perhaps do out on the tasks.

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