Blue Sky, steep sides of a treeless valley and a river on the valley floor

Circular to Muker

Beautiful big blue sky for the first proper day of walking at Keld. I plotted a new route to Muker that I hadn’t walked before and set off around 10am.

The sainsbury delivery never arrived yesterday, so provisions from the shop at Muker were required. The route up over the top then joined with the more familiar path from Keld.

The tea shop at Muker served excellent tea and cakes. The shop was not hugely stocked, but the essentials were available.

A ruined building next to a small waterfall
Heritage building in the valley

On the way back, it was just a stroll along the valley floor. There’s a lot of mining heritage in the whole area, so it’s common to see ruined buildings and sometimes equipment along the way.

A short walk really, back by mid afternoon. But a good way to get acquainted with the area again.

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