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Tree and hedge maintenance

Back in April, the Stroud Valleys Project applied a mulch layer to a newly planted hedge. We returned today to lay another (and final) to help it through next year. There were also trees on a nearby roundabout to replace which unfortunately got cut by accident by the contractor.

We split into two teams. I joined the roundabout crew and mapped out where the trees should go and marked the spots with canes.

There were field maple, cherry, hawthorn and silver birch. They were only whips so nothing more than a slit with the spade was required. We added the plastic spirals and two canes to make them more obvious to future contractors.

We then joined the other team to help with the mulch. The material was the other end of the car park, quite a way from the hedge. So it was taking a while using only wheelbarrows and trugs to shift it.

A blue car with the boot open, filled with mulch in the back. A lady scooping it out
Makeshift truck to transport the mulch to site

In the end, Mike put the seats down in his Duster, lined the sides with wooden boards and we were then able to transport a much bigger volume and get the job done quicker.

A lot of people out today, and so quite a bit of banter over tea and lunch break. This is the last of the 2023 work parties, and we’ll get together again on 4 January.

A line of trees with canes and tree guards surrounded by mulch
After fresh mulch applied

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