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A full on day

I deliberately try to balance my calendar so that I have something planned most days, but rarely more than two things. Today was an exception with one off appointments mingled with regular activity.

I got an early start with the river monitoring for the Gloucestershire Wildlife Trust. Just two sites (the third raft is being repaired this week), and unfortunately no signs of life on either.

I spent a bit of time with loppers on the second site cutting back brambles to make access safer. I didn’t have my safety goggles, and as luck would have it a branch sprung back and clipped me just below the eye.

A winter willow hanging over a river
Still and calm on the river bank

I normally do wear eye protection on habitat management work parties, but this served to remind that you need it even with small jobs. I’ll have a bruised eye for a few days, but thankfully nothing worse.

I then headed up to Minchinhampton to meet an old school friend for lunch. We manage to catch up fairly regularly, and as usual most of the chat was about computer technologies which we both share a passion for.

Immediately afterward, I headed back to the library for the Dursley Code Club. Seven of the eight PCs were used today and the children continued their exploration of python. A lot are expressing an interest in Unity (which I know nothing about) so I’ll see if I can get a demo environment set up. It won’t be so easy as I think the software needs to be installed locally, which we can’t do on the library machines.

After a quick stop at home, I headed out again for the steering group meeting for Dursley Welcomes Walkers. It’s been quite a while since we met and there were a number of issues to discuss and actions to follow up on. We haven’t yet started to plan for this year’s Dursley Walking Festival, so some of these other tasks should be got out the way early in the year.

Back home at 9.15pm, which was definitely an unusally long day.

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