Reflections on 1972

My mum told me “Nanna has gone to heaven”.

The image in my mind was her putting on her coat, walking out the house, turning right and along the pavement with the privet hedge on one side. That was the route down to the bus stop.

“Did she go there on the bus?”, I replied.

I was sitting on the floor in our dining room extension and my Dad was going out the door.

“Where are you going?”, I asked. “Work” he replied.

“I’m going to go to work today too” I said and went to sit at the play desk in the dining room. I was determined to sit there all day until he returned. After a while, I got up and did something else.

Stephen came to visit and he showed me a magic trick. I had a set of seven stacking cups and he placed a lego piece under the top one, and the others were empty. I then had to go and pick three magic leaves from the willow tree in the garden. In front of my eyes he rubbed them one by one down the side of the stacked cups. When I removed each cup, there was a lego piece under every cup.

I was very pleased to have a magic willow tree. After he went back home, I repeated the procedure exactly to create more lego bricks. But I couldn’t get the leaves to work and every time there was just a single brick under the top one.

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