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Reflections on 2017

Pure Planet went into live service at the end of March, just six months after I started. The first part of the year was a hectic blur, dominated by work, broken only by the Crickhowell Walking festival in early March.

In April I decided to accept a full time role with the company as a Data Scientist. I had not long completed the year long data science course online and this felt like a good opportunity to put it into practice.

This also meant that I didn’t really play an active role in the development of the service after it went live. Instead I was free to determine how the data that started flowing could be used to address emerging business questions.

Outside of work, time was mostly spent walking, cooking and watching football. Holidays in Scotland and the Canary Islands provided breaks from the daily routine.

These recollections are as I remember them in January 2024.

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