Bridge over a canal with a towpath going to the left under it and another path to the right

Canal walk to Crickhowell

After the exertions of the last two days, a round trip from the cottage to Crickhowell along the canal was just the thing. It was still a long walk, around 16km, but no hills and a very easy path.

The canal was very quite, hardly any boats or people at that time of a Monday. But nature was starting to burst through into spring.

The banks were full of celandine, wood anemone and wild primrose.

A bright yellow flower sat in green foliage
Celandine on the canal bank

Had lunch in a very pleasant cafe in the centre of Crickhowell which I hadn’t been to before. Very good value toasted cheese sandwich and a pot of tea.

The walk back was uneventful, but I felt that it was a good way to stretch the leg muscles after the energy burn of the last two day hikes.

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