Moorland hill in background and fields with dry stone wall in foreground

Low route to Muker

The forecast for the next few days is pretty stormy so didn’t set off on today’s walk until after lunch. This was a 10km circular but just keeping to the low ground, up and down the valley floor to Muker.

It’s a magnificent valley. The floor is very wide and curves gently with the river. There are different parts to the landscape, and several ruined buildings dotted about.

The path is good though, and no scope for navigation error. This path is usually combined with a longer circular route but today it was nice to walk in it’s own right.

A path through trees next to a river
A glade of alder
A side board with cakes and a menu with prices
Afternoon tea in Muker

In Muker there was a chance to get out of the weather and have hot chocolate and homemade cake.

The tea shop wasn’t busy at all, which is the first time I’ve seen it so all week.

The fruit cake with wensleydale cheese slice was delicious.

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