Willows by a riverbank that has the vegetation cut short

Festival review

A few tasks this morning after getting back from my holiday in Keld. First thing was a haircut in Nailsworth, followed by my regular check of rover rafts for Gloucestershire Wildlife Trust.

There was nothing really to note at any of the sites – some prints on the third cartridge, but not enough to identify significant presence. I noticed that the river banks had all been razed back as part of the annual flood prevention maintenance. This destroys habitat for small mammals, so hardly surprising that there were none.

In the afternoon, I had the regular code club for the older children learning python and HTML. This went very well, and all 8 seats taken. The current set of sessions will be coming to an end, so I’ll agree a new set of dates with the library soon.

In the evening, we had the Dursley Walking Festival review supper with the walk leaders. This is a good opportunity to present back the main statistics and feedback from the festival earlier in the month. We then had a good discussion about improvements we can make for next year. Some new people attended this year which keeps the walks fresh and sustainable.

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