Reflections on 1974

My dad picked me up one day from school, and at the end of the road we turned left instead of right. When I asked why we were going this way, he replied this is where our new house is. We had moved to Pine Hill in Epsom.

I remember walking around the new house before we bought it and being told that the front bedroom was for me and Daniel. I was excited because there was a radio in it on the desk. I was disappointed to find no radio when we finally moved in. I asked where it was and apparently the previous owners took it with them.

There was a sticker of a pointing hand on the built in desk. That was second prize and I was glad they didn’t take that as well.

A new kitchen was built which was navy blue plastic. There were four tables that pulled out from the space between the drawers and the cupboard – three singles and a double. My dad and brother had the double. I had a single next to Katy and my mum had the other single.

When the meal was over, the tables pushed back in and the chairs were stacked by the back door. One of them had a cushion and was called the posh chair. My mum had that because we couldn’t agree between us who deserved to sit on the posh chair to eat.

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