View over Wotton

Tower in the mist

Most of my hikes start from the doorstep. But it’s nice to start further out and explore a wider circle. Parking in the centre of Dursley allows a magnificent 11 mile circular up and over to Wotton-Under-Edge.

North Nibley Tower
Tower at North Nibley

Up and over Stinchcombe following the Cotswolds Way, soon leads to a prominent local landmark – the North Nibley tower.

It’s been a while since I walked this route and it has opened up considerably due to a lot of ash tree removal.

The celadine was in full bloom, covering almost every field margin and under hedgerow.

The prominent tree cluster overlooking Wotton is a striking landmark, but the view was somewhat misty, even by late morning.

Returning back was a larger than expected climb, but once you have threaded through the wood after the Old London Road, you are rewarded with a view over one of the loveliest hidden valleys in the area.

View over a hidden valley
View over a hidden valley

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