Grassland in the foreground at the top of a hill overlooking a city in the background

More willow herb removal

It was a continuation task today with the Gloucestershire Vale Conservation Volunteers at the top of Cleeve Hill. There is an area of grassland that gets over run with willow herb, and the idea is to control it and allow the grassland to flourish.

A few months ago we cleared the adjacent heather reserve of willow herb and that looked magnificent.

Today we concentrated on the main grassland area, which we started last year.

Even in just one year, the amount of willow herb in this section was greatly reduced.

Pink heather in flower
Heather plants recovering well

There were quite a few of us today, so we methodically removed the plants from this area and hopefully this gives other species a chance to grow. The cattle were in so the whole area is being well managed. It will be interesting to revisit in a year and see what difference this management makes.

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