A tower in a field

Three hills and a tower pre walk

My second walk for Dursley Walking Festival is quite substantial. It’s only around 10km in length but the total ascent is 400m. I went out this morning to pre walk the route and check everything’s OK.

I know the paths very well, but I never walked this combination before. There was also a small section which was completely new to me.

Rather annoyingly that part had a locked gate and the stile was difficult to climb over. That is going to be a challenge for a group of 20.

View down a valley with no roads and a patchwork of fields
A hidden valley

Generally the route is pretty good though, and I noted a couple of items for the risk assessment. I bumped into a couple from Waterley Bottom who I had met at Dursley Green Drinks last month so it was good to make that connection again.

I completed the walk in 2h30, but I was going quite fast. I’m allowing 3h 30m for the walk on the day.

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