A lister engine

Engines, Sculpture and cake

Last day of the Dursley Walking Festival today. No walk leading for me today, so I went up to Ashen Plains Campsite to help co-ordinate some activities we had arranged in that area of the woods.

There were a number of Lister engine enthusiasts camping over the weekend (Dursley is the home of the Lister Engine) and there were about 50 engines running and on display at the campsite. We only heard about this a fortnight ago but managed to do some advertising in the town so a steady stream of cars came up to look.

Next up was a couple of guided tours of the nearby Dursley Sculpture Trail. This was very informal, just turn up at some allotted times.

Terri from the Trail teamed up with Kathy, a local ecologist and together they gave a very interesting tour of the woods for the visitors.

This is definitely a walk we’ll repeat next year.

People in a wood listening to a lady talk next to an information board
Tour of art and sculpture trail

At the same time, the Dursley Escape Room were holding a special puzzle challenge back at the campsite. This was a great way for families to experience the escape room games. Dave also opened his magnificent food shed which had a brisk business all day.

A food truck with seating on the left and a hatch on the right
Food shed open for business

At 3pm I went back down to the Methodist hall in the centre where we have tea and cakes for the incoming walkers that are finishing up on the last day. This year, the Tyndale Arts Festival was also in the building so it was a very buzzy and well attended event.

I helped Richard take down the banners from the Market Place, which is always a little bit sad because the event is now over. So pretty exhausted when I got back home.

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