Line of trees with cut branches laying on the ground beside

Building the bonfire

Preparations were still underway for the weekend Wassail at Wild Acres, although the heavy rain of the last few days put a question mark over the safety of the event which would have over 100 people due to attend. Today was a day for dragging the material from the recently cut hedge to the bottom of the site where a big bonfire will be constructed.

There were also gazebos to erect in the meadow to extend the covered area by the outdoor dining room.

But the rain continued to hammer down most of the morning, and by lunchtime it was clear that the event would unfortunately have to be cancelled.

Pancake with vegetable filling on a plate
Pancake lunch

It was Shrove Tuesday today, and Solveig and Vicky produced an amazing pancake lunch, with a savoury filling with produce from the polytunnel. It was a warming finish to a wet morning’s work.

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