Sheep netting tacked tightly against a line of fence posts

Tensioned and upright

After the challenges of last week, we made considerable progress on the fencing project for the Gloucestershire Wildlife Trust. I worked on the northern fence line to re-align the tension posts and re-tension the sheep netting.

The tension post at the far end was fitted with rails to the gate. This provided extra resistance to prevent the post twisting like it did last week.

In the middle, we attached a temporary cross bar to allow us to straighten the post by hand.

A tight tensioned wire against posts with wooden rails between the last post and gate
Connecting rails from the fence to the gate

However, we weren’t confident that it wouldn’t twist again, so Matt dug a trench and fitted a shoe to it underground. This provided enough extra resistance to prevent the same slippage in the middle.

The end post was stapled into place, and the beginning of the next line also. This will allow the cross rails to be fixed next time to take the strain for the next section.

Elsewhere the team planted some fruit trees and banged in the posts around the orchard to prevent the cattle getting to the young trees. So, all in all, a very productive day.

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