A wire fence along a field boundary on the right hand side disappearing into the distance

Unwanted tension

The Gloucestershire Wildlife Trust fencing team continued the task of putting up the fence in the grassland. The weather was much better today, and the ground much firmer than last week. However, this time we found ourselves with too much slack rather than too little after fitting the gripples.

For a long, awful moment Lisa and I thought we might have to unpick the staples from the netting on the end post. But after talking it through, we decided to cut the fence in the middle and re-attach new gripples.

This worked an absolute treat and we were able to tension the second half of the fence.

Equipment on a field with a canal and bridge in the distance
Base camp for the day

However, the barb team who were finishing off the first half were finding that the posts were still twisting, despite the additional brace supports we put in last week. Luckily we managed to twist it back into place by carefully tightening the second half.

It took a lot longer to complete this section than we anticipated, but we now feel we have solutions for the various obstacles that this terrain is throwing up. So next week, we hope to turn the corner (literally) and motor on with the remaining fence line.

Elsewhere, the ramming team finished off the support posts around the new trees, so they can be stock proofed with barb next week as well.

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