Ash tree shoots next to a river bank

Darling buds of March

I noticed the explosion of buds everywhere on the riverbank for my regular raft check for Gloucestershire Wildlife Trust. The waters are still very, very high but I managed to access the rafts safely to check.

Possible signs on both rafts again of water voles and otter on one. There was quite a bit washed away with the rain so it’s hard to be certain.

But I feel hopeful that as we get closer to the breeding season, we will see more concrete evidence.

River raft with droppings on the top. Agriculture bridge reflection in the distance
Washed up signs on the raft

In the afternoon, I went to the library to hold the last python Dursley Code Club for this term. I had managed to code a quick prototype beforehand to help a group who are coding a game together. I took their static composition of a submarine and gave it some movement as you move the cursor around. This gave them ideas for the next part of their game.

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