A wood store with stacked, sawn logs and a messy pile of wood behind

Stacking firewood

After the abandoned wassail a few weeks ago at Wild Acres, the fire pit was a messy collection of cut and charred wood. We have a development day in a few weeks, so this whole area needs to get smartened up. I spent my time sorting out this section and stacking the wood neatly for when the next fire is to be built.

I sorted the wood into three broad piles – short, sawn logs in the covered wood store; bigger chunks on the ground next to them; and finally treated and processed scrap wood.

There was also a nice pile of brash which would make good kindling. That needs a home somewhere.

Rice, lentils and broccoli lunch with a glass of water
Lunch time at Wild Acres

And finally a pile of longer wood that needs sawing before storing. Underneath everything was a pile of coal. I have no idea where that came from, but I found a bucket to store it away.

Sawn logs of different sizes stacked on the edge of a field
Wood store after sorting

In the afternoon, I held the final scratch Dursley Code Club for this term. We had some nice final projects around the theme of easter which enabled the children to express their creativity.

In the evening was the admin meeting for Stroud Wildlife Survey Group. It was the final touches for the AGM this weekend, which sadly I will miss as I’m on holiday. But a lot of work has gone into the event and the 2024 programme, and it should be a great kick off meeting with members.

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