Rough grassland on a steep slope with trees in the distance. Rake in foreground

Bashing back bramble

A new site for me with Glorious Grasslands, although the project did some seeding there last year. A really beautiful site high up in the hills overlooking Cheltenham. We were able to see the racecourse from the site, where it is Gold Cup this week.

After a bit of trouble finding the exact location in the morning, we got the tools to the top of a steep, south facing bank which hasn’t been managed in a long time.

It is grazed however, so the main job was to cut back the encroaching bramble and scrub.

Steep bank with brambles cut and raked off back to soil
South facing calcareous bank after restoration

We needed both brush cutters today to carve through the vegetation. It’s unusual to have it head height on these jobs, so a kind of mulching action worked best to slice through it.

We had a thorough raking team who dispatched almost all the loose material from the surface. It was a pretty large area that was restored, so it will be interesting to see what grows. We may come back and seed this later in the year.

The truck got stuck on the way back. The ground is still very boggy and it will be a relief when and if it finally stops raining and everything can drain away.

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