A cut path running next to a brook through a wood

Cutting out a path

The brook at Wild Acres has a path running along it’s length that had got very overgrown during the summer. I took the brush cutter and cut back all the ground vegetation for about three quarters of it, opening access to the small peninsula.

I could then cut a few large hazel branches which were over hanging the path from above. The only thing that remains is to make the steps cut into a slope a bit more robust and safer.

We were treated again to a fabulous lunch, cooked by our Sri Lankan friend. The polytunnel is yielding a lot of fresh ingredients at the moment, and you can’t beat freshly cooked food.

A plate of food with rice and vegetables
A delicious Sri Lankan lunch

In the afternoon, it was the regular Dursley Code Club. The children have mostly gone back to school this week, so it’s more of a routine now. Two new children attended the club today.

In the evening I joined the admin meeting of the Stroud Wildlife Survey Group by zoom. I haven’t joined this for a while for one reason and another, so it was good to catch up. I took some actions away to progress over the next week or so.

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