A fence line cleared to the boundary and wood neatly stacked to the left

Clearing around the mud kitchen

There’s a new children’s mud kitchen at Wild Acres. It’s just a sink and some simple furniture but it will be a nice area for children to engage with. It’s just down from the wood stack area which I tidied a couple of weeks ago.

It was a bit overgrown down the fence line, and there was a fair bit of rubbish and assorted junk laying in the undergrowth. There was also a crumbling fence attached by sheep netting to the main fence.

I started with the brush cutter, but then resorted to hand tools to cut back the overhanging bramble and make it as safe as possible.

I used the fencing tools to snip away the broken fence, and there was the usual buried barb wire to contend with.

Rice, curry and cabbage on a plate with a glass of water
Another tasty Wild Acres lunch

There were also a couple of smelly compost bins there for kitchen peelings. It wasn’t really the right place now to have this next to the mud kitchen so I transported the whole lot up to the main compost area at the top.

In the end, it took the whole morning until lunch to complete. But it now looks much tidier and safer, and the children’s area connects more easily with the fire pit area.

A delicious lunch from Cherie left me tempted for seconds. But I wasn’t quick enough. It was nice to catch up with Jess who is doing a data science degree, and we could discuss some of the principles of machine learning that she’s struggling with.

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