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Stiles and Graveyards

It’s day one of the Dursley Walking Festival and I was leading a walk and went on another. Today was pretty well booked out and well attended across the four walks. So a solid start.

My walk was a short one, 2.5 miles covering 8 stone stiles in the Cam area. We started at 1pm, and made a leisurely circuit. I didn’t have a back marker so had frequent stops to keep the group together. Everyone seemed to enjoy the walk, so a great start to the festival.

I was back just in time for Jenny’s Historic Graveyard tour which was just starting at the time my walk finished so I tagged along to see it.

This is always a popular walk. Jenny is a historian who brings to life local characters from the past with their interconnected stories.

Group of people standing around a grave listening to a lady in hi viz
Local History talk in the graveyard

When I got back in the evening, it was more festival admin to send tomorrow’s walk leaders the final information they need for their walks.

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