A willow tree just beginning to bud swaying next to a river

Wind in the willows

There was a definite shape to the willow branches as I walked next to the river for the fortnightly raft survey for the Gloucestershire Wildlife Trust. The leaves were visible, but not yet unfurled and were swishing in the strong winds.

The first raft had otter speint, which I’ve not seen there for a while. The second had very distinctive footprints in the cartridge, and probably either water vole or brown rat (or both). The second raft has shown lots of water vole signs in the past, so hopefully they are gathering again for the upcoming breeding season.

In the afternoon, I ran the Dursley Code Club in the library which was well attended, with the usual crew working on their projects. A governor at Rednock school also happened to drop in, and liked the set up which we have down there.

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